Transporting a Vehicle from the USA to Europe

Transporting a vehicle from the USA to Europe may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not as difficult as it seems. However, the process requires proper logistics and organization, knowledge of foreign laws, and familiarity with foreign ports, among other factors. This article provides a step-by-step guide to help you transport your vehicle from the US to Europe with ease, as well as important considerations such as cost, safety, and time.

our Process of Shipping a Car from the USA to Europe

  1. Finalizing the Purchase Agreement with the Seller

Before shipping your vehicle from the USA to Europe, you must first finalize the purchase agreement with the seller. Once the agreement is finalized, you can proceed with the shipping process.

  1. Delivery of the Vehicle to the Port

The first step in the shipping process is to deliver the vehicle to the port for shipment to Europe. This process can take from four to eleven days, depending on the distance from the parking lot to the port and weather conditions.

  1. Loading the vehicle into a Container

Once the vehicle is at the port, the next step is to load it into a container and secure it to avoid damage during transportation. This process can take between three to seven days, and the container loading is done based on a set schedule.

  1. Shipping the Container by Sea

After the vehicle is loaded into the container, it’s shipped by sea, which takes approximately four weeks to reach Europe.

  1. Delivery to the Owner’s Address or Klaipėda Port

The vehicle can be delivered to the owner’s address in another city or the Klaipėda port with a prior arrangement.

  1. Customs Clearance Procedures

At the port of arrival, the vehicle undergoes mandatory customs clearance procedures.

The cost of shipping a vehicle from the US to Europe includes a 10% import tax based on the vehicle’s price and the delivery costs, and a 21% VAT calculated based on the vehicle’s price and the transportation costs.

To minimize transportation costs, it’s advisable to delegate the task of vehicle transportation to a professional organization like DA-BP group. They offer a prompt solution to all delivery-related issues, ensuring the fast and safe delivery of the vehicle with minimal transportation costs. The delivery time ranges from six to nine weeks, depending on the country of origin and the port used for shipping.

Safety Considerations

Transporting a vehicle from the US to Europe requires proper logistics and organization to ensure the safety of the vehicle. It’s crucial to secure the vehicle properly to avoid damage during transportation. DA-BP group’s professionals have extensive experience in vehicle transportation and can ensure the safe delivery of your vehicle to Europe.